Coccosteus cuspidatus with Cheirolepis trailli


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An incredibly rare association, that we have never seen before.

The Coccosteus is in dorsal view and the head plates as a whole, have slid forwards but remained articulated, and as a result shows stunningly good three dimensional lower jaw detail. Every part of this specimen is highlighted in three dimensions due to the superb preparation. A stunningly good specimen for study, or just to enjoy for the fabulous detail.

Cheirolepis specimens are rarely found in any detail, bit this a fair example with good fine skull detail. Together with a superb Coccosteus, it makes for an excellent association plate.

Sandwick fish beds, Orkney.

Mid devonian, 380 ma.

Matrix measures 635mm X 490mm

Coccosteus measures approximately 380mm in length

Cheirolepis measures 230mm in length

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